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It’s incredibly important to discover the value of your property—especially with how much the market is changing. At Watson Appraisal Services, we can help you get an accurate property valuation. Consider calling today to learn more.

Value Your Home Before Listing It.
You want to make sure that you’re getting as much money for your home as possible. Getting an accurate appraisal can help you make sure you’re listing it accurately.

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Get a Divorce Appraisal from an Expert.
If you’re getting a divorce, you’ll need to determine who will get the house. An appraisal can help you determine the value of your property to make sure everything’s done fairly.

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Determine the Value of an Inherited Property.
Have you recently inherited a property from a deceased loved one? Do you need to value their estate? We can provide you with appraisal services to make your life easier.

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Make Sure That You’re Making a Smart Investment.
As an investor, you need to make sure that you purchase properties carefully. We can help you find one that will produce a solid amount of income. Schedule your appraisal!

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Appraise Your Home if You’re Preparing to Move.
If you’re relocating, you might need to move quickly—which means finding out how to best price your home. Allow us to provide you with the appraisal services you need.

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    Pre-Listing Home Appraisals

    We can help you accurately determine the value of your home before you list it.

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    Divorce Appraisals

    Let us provide you with prompt and professional divorce appraisal services.

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    Estate Appraisals

    We can appraise inherited properties and the estates of departed loved ones.

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    Investor Appraisals

    We’re here to help you value a property and make a smart investment.

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    Relocation Appraisals

    We’ll appraise your home to help you make your relocation easier.

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Partner with a Top Real Estate Appraiser in the Raleigh, NC Area

Watson Appraisal Services is one of the leading home appraisal companies in the Raleigh, NC area. Our appraisers have over 20 years of experience providing the best appraisal services in the industry, backed by our commitment to customer service. Whether you’re planning to sell your home or are in need of a pre-marketing analysis, we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need.

As appraisers working with buyers and sellers in the area, we’ve seen firsthand how the market has changed over time. Now that the economy is on an upswing, it’s more important than ever to find a real estate appraiser who understands both the local market and industry standards. We take pride in our ability to combine these two elements in each appraisal we perform. Trust us to help with your real estate appraisal today!

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We’re prepared to provide you with prompt, reliable appraisal services. Call to schedule yours.

Pre-Listing Appraisals

Make sure that your home is listed at the right price before you put it up for sale by getting an appraisal.

Divorce Appraisals

If you’re getting a divorce, then it can be beneficial to get a home appraisal. Let us help with your needs today.

Estate Appraisals

If you inherited a property, then consider getting an estate appraisal from us to find its worth.

Investor Appraisals

Find out if a property is worth the investment! Consider giving us a call to schedule your appraisal today.

Relocation Appraisals

If you’re looking to relocate and need an appraisal to help you value your home, call us.

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